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Still so much to do and so little time left! STOP rushing around like a mad thing and take a few drops of Be Calm. Settle yourself down, everything will be okay.

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This blend of flowers is designed to bring ease during those times when much is demanded and there is extreme anxiety or pressure e.g. shows, interviews, tests or exams. It helps the mind and body chill out, thus enabling the individual to feel focused, productive and in control. Use also for mishaps, unsettling news, the acute stages of loss etc. Take 7 drops on the tongue or sip in water as often as required, the effect being cumulative.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you in a state of alarm? Had an Accident? Or a Bereavement?
  • Afraid to go to the dentist?
  • Nervous about public speaking? Amateur dramatics!
  • Exams TODAY!
  • Emotional states, tantrums, arguments or just feeling freaked out?

This blend contains:

  • Cherry Plum For losing control and anxieties
  • Clematis Grounding. To prevent feelings of dizziness and woosyness
  • Rock Rose To calm extreme anxieties
  • Star of Bethlehem For emergencies and the after-effects, which can be long term (displayed on label)
  • Impatiens To ease irritability and feeling uptight
  • Yarrow To protect from harsh circumstances and from the effects of others
  • Red Clover Particularly for those working in challenging conditions
  • Orange Hawkweed To re-energise those areas of the system affected by upsets
  • Sweet Chestnut For extreme anguish or bereavement
  • Bluebells For when situations are overwhelming and may prove frightening and traumatic.


Use for any emergency situation. Dentists, any worrying appointment, interviews, exam nerves, flying, accidents,  etc
For immediate use. Take a few drops in a glass and sip over 15 minutes, one dose may not be enough so give as often as is required as the effect is cumulative. Can put directly on tongue.

For any difficult emotional situation. Rows, upsets, sudden bad news, disappointments, children’s tantrums, bereavements. Very helpful for acute stages. Star is called the ‘comforter of sorrows’, helps to move on the grieving process, which can get stuck. May release tears, but they will have a healing effect.

Challenging events, court cases, driving tests, auditions, complaining, moving house, public speaking.

How to use this blend

Put 7 drops in glass of water and sip, sitting down if possible. The effect is cumulative and should ideally be taken over 10 – 15 minutes for the best effects. Take until all symptoms have subsided. Afterwards it can be restorative to have a cup of hot sweet tea and a biscuit to replace lost energy.

For an acute bereavement take as a long term course, and for an on-coming challenging event, such as a public performance. In cases such as this, do not expect the blend to take way ALL anxiety, a little is known to enhance a performance.

Don’t forget to use externally. Put directly on injury or put 12 drops in a little water and bathe. Add 12 drops to your bath if feeling uptight.  

Also add to oil or cream, use frequently as effect is cumulative.

Put 12 drops to 50ml of still spring water in spray, add 7 drops of essential oil, and mist around the room. Great if a children’s party is getting to over the top!

Add to your sun cream and after-sun lotion to sooth and calm sunburn.

Give to your plants after transplanting them. Also a first choice for your animals, when they are in difficulties.

This is the one to use alongside any of the other blends –  try taking Be Calm night and morning, and the other blends during the day.

Keep bottle in the car, helpful if there is a near miss. Keep one in your handbag, but try not to give it away because I invariably give mine away so
when I need it there’s none there!

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