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This blend of flowers is designed specifically to comfort and ease the enduring pain of losing a treasured friend or family member. It gives support when moving through the wide range of emotions that are a natural part of the grieving process, such as anger, guilt, blame, sadness or despair. It enables you to come to terms with the loss in your own way, and in time brings hope of a new beginning.

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Ask yourself these questions:

  • How long have you been suffering with a broken heart? Bereavement?
  • Still pining over the loss of your favourite pet?
  • Does the future seem bleak?
  • Do you feel your sadness will never cease?
  • Are you unable to let go of the longing for past, happier times?


  • Water Violet when there is an impulse to withdraw from life
  • Sweet Chestnut for deep anguish of the heart, brings comfort
  • Willow for those bitter, resentful feelings – why did this happen to me?
  • Holly to come to terms with our anger over the loss
  • Walnut helps one to let go of the past and move on
  • Pine for any guilt we might have about the past
  • Honeysuckle to encourage one to let go of the past and stay in the now
  • Gentian to stay positive and have faith in the future
  • Star of Bethlehem for the sadness of the bereavement
  • Pink Cherry to give nurturing and comfort at such times
  • Bluebells for when you feel down; uplifts and reconnects
  • Hawthorn to support a troubled heart
  • Borage for a heavy heart, brings lightness (displayed on label)


This blend can help you feel comforted and brings the hope of new beginnings. It enables you to come to terms with the loss in a way that seems appropriate for you, and helps you to find a way forward through the wide range of emotions that are a natural part of the grieving process. For example, guilt for what you didn’t do, anger when you shake your fist at God, and for the normal sadness and despair that comes and goes.

This blend has been called happy drops, as it can prove supportive very quickly. However, it does not stop the natural grieving process and will encourage tears if that is helpful, but you always feel better afterwards. Also be patient, the process may take some time, so this is one that you might find the need to come back to several times.

Give also for broken hearts, redundancy, retirement, animals dying and for any time there is some kind of loss to come to terms with.

Instructions for use:

7 drops three times a day until bottle is finished.

For the first stages of acute grief, Be Calm is the best choice, Be Comforted  is more helpful for the more ongoing grieving process.

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