be confident

This blend of flowers is for those who lack confidence in their ability to achieve goals or to perform as well as others. Also suggested for individuals who may have had disappointments or setbacks in life. This essence brings determination and self-belief while staying focused on the task in hand. If needed for a specific occasion, start at least two weeks prior to the event.

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Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you nervous and shy?
  • Do you lack confidence in yourself?
  • Do you suffer from low self-esteem?
  • Do you sabotage yourself?
  • Do you choose not to try things because you fear failure?
  • Do you have an inferiority complex?

This blend contains:

  • Centaury is used to build assertiveness and personal power, ideal for the downtrodden
  • Pine is for self esteem, over apologetic guilty types, feel unworthy and undervalue themselves
  • Honeysuckle dissolves memories that might have a negative influence on the present
  • Larch is the fundamental core of the essence, building confidence over a period of time
  • Mimulus is for the shy and nervous types, gives strength to face the world
  • Elm is for temporary loss of confidence, can’t cope, too much responsibility
  • Cerato for lack of confidence in one’s own judgements, bring self-trust
  • Buttercup for those who need to recognise their own uniqueness (displayed on label)
  • Tansy for lethargy and procrastination, gives a kick start and motivation
  • Walnut brings protection, and past attachments that prevent you moving forward


Starting any new activity can be hard and good confidence levels are helpful whatever it is, swimming, amateur dramatics, computers skills, a new job, interviews, learning to drive. becoming a new Mum or Dad, back to college after a break. Anxiety attacks are common when you are starting something new so Be Confident will give you courage. It will also build self-confidence and self worth, so you know you are good enough to do it.

For those children and adults who can't stand up for themselves and who are easily intimidated. Be Confident will help you to be more assertive and will give courage.

Helpful for the dominated, co-dependant type who have low self esteem and don’t feel worthy of a better life. It will help you stand up for yourself.

For adults who don't have the confidence to get out and meet people. Maybe they have had broken relationships and so lost confidence in themselves as far as a new relationship is concerned. A course of this blend will help all ages socialise with more confidence.

This blend is generally helpful when there are setbacks with learning something new e.g. falling off bike or pony, getting ducked while swimming, having a car accident, and when confidence has been lost. Perhaps you have tried something and it has gone wrong more than once. "I'll never be able to do that again' you wail. Be Confident will keep you positive even if there are setbacks.

Use also if you have a poor sense of self, belittle yourself, are over apologetic, feel powerless, inferior, submissive, feel valueless, guilty, sabotage yourself, fear failure, won’t try new things, lack motivation or staying power etc

How to use:

Take 7 drops 3 times a day, until bottle if finished. Use more frequently if particularly under confident. Be patient, these things take time to grow, and tackling to much to soon is unrealistic.

Take the Be Confident a few weeks before an event to start building up confidence and inner strength to begin something and carry it through.

Perhaps Be Calm on the actual day to settle any nerves.


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