be decisive

Ideal for those who worry about making the wrong choice and need to feel more decisive. This blend offers support during times of personal change, as it facilitates a letting go of the past and provides a stable inner centre from which to choose a way forward. If there are issues present that inhibit this progress e.g., apprehension, this will come to light and can be dealt with appropriately.

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Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you unable to find a fulfilling occupation?
  • Have you lost your direction in life?
  • Want to move house? Find a new interest?
  • Worried about making the wrong choice?
  • Do you sit on the fence? Tend to vacillate?

This blend contains:

  • Scleranthus decision making, vacillation, sits on fence, ambivalence
  • Wild Oat helps to find true direction in life
  • Cerato seeks advice from others because we don’t trust ourselves, helps us to hear our inner voice
  • Walnut  helps us to let go of the past and move forward uninfluenced
  • Larch to give confidence in yourself to carry out a decision
  • Tansy helps us to overcome procrastination and propel us forward from a strong center (displayed on label)
  • Blackberry  helps us to ground ideas, bring them together and see what we need to do
  • Mullien to clear the head and keep our energy levels high
  • Yellow Archangel stop us rushing and let go of the need to keep up with everyone else
  • Mimulus wories about making the wrong decision
  • Autumn Leaves gives us support to move through the natural seasons of life


Ideal for people who are dissatisfied with their work, or who can’t find their true path in life. They are talented people and do things well, but they can’t find the type of work they would most like to do, this blend will lead them to what is right and to be committed to it, which is often a problem for them. This essence will also show them why they can’t find their true direction, for example it might be anxiety, or lack of motivation, or maybe they are too influenced by the past. This blend will help with all those things.

Its also difficult to trust ourselves, so many of us seek advice from every Tom, Dick or Harry who cannot possibly know what is best for us. Only we know what’s right for us. This blend helps us to hear that still small voice inside that leads us forward rightly and truly for our soul's purpose in this life. If we can find our special work, then we will be happier.

Its hard for some of us to make decisions and we often vacillate, this blend helps us to see what’s the best way to go, it also helps us to breaks links with the past so we can make our decisions uninfluenced – maybe it’s our mother saying in our heads “you shouldn’t do that.” Maybe it will just help us find a kinder way of treating ourselves, so that its okay if we can’t make a decision right now , or that even a less than perfect one will still be okay.

Use whenever there is any difficult and important decision to make, moving house, changing your job, shall I marry this man? A few doses might just do the trick or you might need a course. The Hawthorn Heart Spray also has good results, particularly if there are a lot of emotions involved.

Use if there is any challenging change to go through, mid life crisis for example. It may give valuable insights into the self, not always comfortable, but you can at least do something about what is holding you back. The answer might already be contained within the blend, or you may have to choose another to help. 

This blend brings a strong center from which to operate, plus a better sense of self and what’s right. It is possible learn when something feels right.

How to use this blend:

Take seven drops three times a day in water for three weeks, then review. 
If a little support is needed for a one off decision, take seven drops in a little water and sip.

Having made the decision and you are well on the way to carrying it out, Be Confident is a good choice to help carry you further forward.

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