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Lack concentration? Exams? Computer weary? Then this is the one for you! This blend of flowers helps to clear the head, improve motivation, stimulate creativity, and restore interest in daily tasks. If working under pressure, then this essence may be taken more frequently.

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Ask yourself these questions:

  • Assignments to finish?
  • Exams to take? Study? Revision?
  • Unable to think clearly? Memory blocks?
  • Do you spend hours at the computer?
  • Is your mind fuzzy and dull?
  • Can’t get started on important jobs?

This blend contains:

  • Larch lacking confidence in abilities, brings objectivity and perseverance
  • Blackberry helps the mind gather and organise ideas
  • Hornbeam mental tiredness, heavy headed, sluggish feelings, disinclined to work and lack of interest in the day
  • Cerato helps to trust ones own judgement and access inner levels of wisdom
  • Elm feelings of inadequacy, overwhelmed, thinks one does not have the strength to achieve everything one has to
  • White Chestnut calms mental chatter which causes lack of concentration
  • Yarrow  protects aura from negative influences and prevents an energy drain
  • Peppermint helps clear and cool down thinking processes in times of great activity
  • Nasturtium revitalized the mind after periods of excessive mental work
  • Mullien keep inner batteries charged and protects form negative effects of equipment (displayed on label)


Helps one to be more creative.  

Use if you are working to a deadline and under pressure.

Aids concentration and help you to retain information more readily, helpful if you are easily distracted.

Use if you have mental chatter, a fuzzy head, feel uninspired, are cramming, feel mentally tired, overwhelmed, lack confidence in what you are doing, want to be more creative etc.

Take before attending a lecture or a class, anytime when you need to concentrate and learn.

Tackling your tax returns! Helps you get started on a nasty job. Brings enthusiasm to cope with daily tasks. Helps you get going on cleaning the house or car, or mowing the lawn.

This blend will give a lot of confidence and positivity, however if you feel anxiety about what you are doing – take a dose of Be Calm. Try it morning and night and the Be Focused during the day.

Be Focused gives mental energy. It keeps you going more effectively for longer and you produce better quality work. Take it before you need it then you will feel less tired in the end. Also take breaks – 10 minutes in the hour – it’s not time wasted!!! Also ensure you get a balance of exercise and sleep. Be Focused can help in the short time, but is not a substitute for a poor lifestyle and will not prevent ultimate burn out.

This blend brings better focus, and concentration, improved mental faculties, grounds ideas into reality improves memory and relieves mental tiredness, encourages clarity of thought and inner inspiration. Enhances confidence and trust in the self.

How to use this blend:

Use as required, 7 drops in a glass and sip every so often as you work. Ideal taken as a course, 7 drops three times a day,  if doing a long period of head-work.

Avoid taking late at night or you might find it difficult to sleep, try Be Restful to help you settle. Don’t forget, a foggy head may be due to a food intolerance.

Take Be Focused to help you study. Take Be Calm as required to help with the nerves as they come closer – take it with you into the exam if possible.
7 drops in a water bottle.

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