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Whatever the reason is for feeling down, hopeless, negative or discouraged, this blend of flowers will help you to lighten up and become more positive. Releases the need to focus on personal problems and helps create a new optimistic frame of mind. Life can become more enjoyable, bright and promising.

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This blend contains:

  • Sweet Chestnut Extreme despair and isolation. Anguish of the heart, dark night of the soul, can’t cope
  • Cherry Plum Desperate, feel about to have a nervous breakdown, fear of doing things you don’t want to do
  • Gorse Feelings of utter despair and hopelessness. All prospect of improvement lost
  • Mustard Gloomy and depressed from unknown causes
  • Gentian Despondent from setbacks. Loss of faith, sceptical
  • Heather When all attention is focused on the self and personal problems, can’t stop talking about them, drives friends away
  • Bluebells For when life is full on and it is easy to become depressed
  • Willow When life seems unfair and it’s easy to become moody and sulk
  • Zinnia Brings a light attitude to life, for people who have forgotten how to have fun (displayed on label)
  • Scleranthus For changeable people whose mood can swing from up to down


Ideal for moody adolescents. For lonely, negative people who drive their friends away.

Supportive for S.A.D sufferers. Use in addition to a light box.

Use alongside any modality e.g. counselling.

Use when the cause is known i.e. something has gone wrong, big or small. Will bring back faith and positivity if you are feeling discouraged and pessimistic about it.

When gloominess comes and goes and does not seem to have a cause, or when people are affected by the weather, or their cycles. They may try and hide these dark feelings.

Maybe caused by taking the wrong direction in life, in which case, Be Decisive would be a better choice.

When something has been going on for a long time, and all hope for improvement is gone, ‘oh what’s they use, its hopeless’, they say. This blend may bring a renewal of hope or a more philosophical point of view. May also become able to take more responsibility for the problem.

For the dark night of the soul. This blend brings a renewal of optimism and faith when life seems impossible. It brings about a gentle rebirth as it up lifts the self out of intense darkness and into a lighter more hopeful frame of mind. Brings great comfort and a broader view on life. Less focused on the self and problems. Brings improved positivity.

How to use this blend:

Seven drops in water three times a day. Ideally this blend should be used as a three week course and then review. A few drops in a drink may well lift a temporary mood.

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