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A key blend for hectic modern living, so is ideal for those leading demanding lifestyles or with high-pressure jobs. This blend enables you to relax, unwind and feel more refreshed on all levels. It is then easier to enjoy increased focus and productivity in daily life.

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Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you suffer from strain? Difficulty coping with the pressures of city life?
  • Are you uptight, irritable – is life a struggle? Too much to do and not enough time to do it in?
  • Do you drive yourself to over-achieve?  Heading for a burn-out?

This Blend contains:

  • Impatiens used for frustration, impatience and for flaring up quickly,  it brings patience
  • Mullien clears the mind, balances the energy systems of the body and keep internal batteries charged and stamina levels high
  • Dandelion for the compulsive doers who live with great drive and intensity, helps you to chill more, and go with the flow (displayed on label)
  • Mimulus for everyday worries and anxieties, job insecurity, not enough money etc – brings feelings of safety,  so it’s easier to cope
  • Oak for those who over-work and ignore the natural impulse to rest
  • Elm for being overwhelmed by the responsibilities of modern day life and feeling undervalued and inadequate
  • Hornbeam for that Monday morning feeling, mental tiredness, information overload and a one sided sedentary lifestyle
  • Bluebells for when the pressures of a full on lifestyle pulls you down
  • Aspen is for the uncertainties of life, when things get out of proportion and are difficult to discuss, but cause great anxieties
  • Vervain is useful when people lead a fast lifestyle and cannot unwind, live on nerves and may suffer burnout


Use if feeling uptight, over wrought, are impatient, feel restless, anxious, can’t chill,  strained, can’t sleep, if you toss and turn, worry, have a tight body, over-work, want to be a perfectionist etc. Many people find living like this gives them quite a ‘high’ but they may burn themselves out. Often going down with something, is the only way they can stop, and then they may find it hard to pick up as their reserves are low.

Be Relaxed is helpful when people are living with a lot of daily anxieties based on the various uncertainties of life, and worries, which cause a lot of strain.

Be Relaxed is designed to combat feeling uptight, and it can be a good choice for women dealing with female problems.
Be Vitalised may also be a great help to with this, try a dose in the mornings.

If someone is taking Be Relaxed , but are also doing a lot of mental work, doses of Be Focused can be taken as required. If particularly tired, Be Vitalised can prove a quick pick me up.

This blend will help you to begin to soothe the system and begin to sleep much better and so build up reserves.  It’s a good choice for children who seem very overactive during the day. Give throughout the day until sleeping better, then just nightly, or give Be Restful.

How to use:

As a course, finish the bottle, then review.  Can be used as a single dose if feeling uptight.

Tip. Always add 12 drops to the bath. Also add 12 drops into body lotions, or massage oils to release and refresh the system.

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