be resistant

This blend of flowers is designed to support the system at times when you might be feeling at a low ebb. Ideal for when you go down with everything that’s around and it’s hard to shake things off. Gives you a much needed lift and if taken regularly, strengthens the system.

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Ask yourself these questions:

  • Feeling run down? Out of sorts?
  • Not quite up to parr?
  • Go down will everything that’s going around?
  • Can’t shake things off?

Contents of the blend:

  • Ramsoms to bring light into a blocked system
  • Pansy for increased resistance
  • Mare’s tail for strength and cleansing
  • Olive for strength after long periods of strain
  • Oak for those who over work, which weaken their systems
  • Chalice Well for general strength and well being
  • Orange Hawkweed to clear a blocked system and bring renewed energy
  • Crab Apple to clear the system (displayed on label)
  • Gentian to bring a positive outlook
  • Jack by the hedge to strengthen the system when emotional pain has weakened it
  • Lungwort for weakness in the auric field, which can drain energy


This blend is to support and strengthen our natural systems and is particularly helpful during the winter months. Regular use can boost resistance and give you a much needed lift. Ideal if you are having difficulty making a total recovery and can't seem to pick up.

Instructions for use:

As a boost to the system take 7 drops three times a day until bottle is finished.

If something seems to be coming on, take five or six hourly doses, and it may well be less severe.

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