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I’ve been on the go all day and in bed my thoughts are racing and my legs are still going!! Reach for the Sun Essences Be Restful by the bed. Just a few drops in water and bliss.... at last I can sleep.

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Being unable to settle at night can be a frustrating downward cycle. This blend of flowers helps to overcome restlessness and supports the return of natural patterns, with improved quality of rest. Ideal for people who cannot switch off, and suggested for children who feel unsettled at night.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you yearn for a good night rest?
  • At bedtime, are you ever restless?
  • Anxious? Over tired? Unable to switch off?
  • Are your children unsettled at night? Have bad dreams?

This blend contains:

  • Agrimony for restlessness and anxiety, which is repressed during the day, but may surface during the night and disturb rest.
  • Aspen  for dislike of the dark, bogey men and ghosts. Anxiety of not being able to rest or if scared  by bad dreams
  • Bluebells  to bring deep ease and stillness (displayed on label)
  • Chamomile  to settle down emotional problems at night, relieves tight feelings,  which are usually focused around the solar plexus
  • Pink Yarrow to protect from general negativity in the building, plus the tendency to pick up from fellow bed-mates
  • Morning Glory helps to regulate internal patterns and reduce the need to use tea or coffee to wake up
  • Rock Rose  to calm deep feelings of dread and to soothe after bad dreams
  • Vervain ideal for easing over-tiredness and restless limbs and when generally unable to settle
  • White Chestnut calms those incessant worrying thoughts going round and round the head
  • Walnut  to let of the day and old habits of restlessness  and encourage the system to come back into balance


Reduces feelings of restlessness, over-tiredness, worry or anxiety that may interfere with good rest. Brings ease, relaxation and feelings of protection. Also ideal if suffering from anxious dreams. Choose if you worry a lot in the night, or if a song or phrase keeps running round and round your head.
Take in the night if you wake up and can’t settle down again. Encourages more regular patterns of rest, improves quality of rest and also brings improved alertness in the morning.

How to use:

Take seven drops three times a day until patterns of rest improve, and then seven drops just at night until the new nightly rhythms are well established.
If bad nights are your problem always keep some by your bed to put in a glass of water during the night, if wakeful. Sip every few minutes until feeling more settled.

This blend can be used alongside other blends if you just use it at night to aid a restful night.

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