Centaury types are often the victims of bullies because they are unable to stand up for themselves, and say no. They are often easily exploited due to their kind nature. NEGATIVE: Weakness, Dominated, Servile POSITIVE: Assertiveness, Strength, Boundaries One of the "Twelve Healers".

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Chicory types need constant attention and appreciation, so are demanding and interfering in the lives of loved ones. Seemingly caring, they often use emotional blackmail or self pity to get what they want. NEGATIVE: Over-protective, Possessive, Controlling, Needy, Self-pitying, Manipulative POSITIVE: Unconditional love, Letting go, Giving, Secure, Respect. One of the 12 Healers. In the Overcare for Welfare of Others Group. Flowers in summer. Pick individual flowers. Sun potentized.

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People who need Chestnut Bud may fail to learn from experience. They keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again, often cause by a lack of observation or inner haste. NEGATIVE: Indifference, Slow-learner, Forgetful, Lack of observation, Fixations POSITIVE: Attentive, Present, Reflective, Always learning, Observant One of the 19 helpers. In the Insufficient Interest Group Flowers in late spring. Pick both male and female flowers still on the twigs. Boiling method.


Cerato types distrust their own judgement, as they are unable to hear their inner voice. Needing constant reassurance, they feel the need to ask for advice so may appear gullible and foolish to others. NEGATIVE: Uncertainty, Foolishness, Approval and Reassurance. POSITIVE: Self-trust, Confidence, Intuition, Uninfluenced, Strong convictions. One of the 12 Healers. In the Uncertainty Group. Flowers in early autumn. Pick individual flowers. Sun potentized.