emergency essence

Composite remedy for use before, during or after any alarming, extreme or startling emotional situation. Brings ease, stability and balance.

size of bottle


dispensing method

Composite remedy for us in any emergency situation:- Dentists, hospitals, appointments and operations, interviews, exam nerves, flying, accidents,
child birth etc
For any difficult emotional situations:-Rows, upsets, sudden bad news, disappointments, children’s tantrums, bereavements.
Challenging events:- Court cases, driving test, auditions, complaining, moving house, public speaking.
How to use:
For immediate use. 
Take 4 drops in a glass and sip over 15 minutes, one dose may not be enough so give as often as is required as the effect is cumulative. Take until all symptoms have subsided. Afterwards it can restorative to have a cup of hot sweet tea and a biscuit to replace lost energy.
If water is not to hand take drops straight from the bottle and hold in the mouth.
For longer term use.
Take 4 drops in water, morning and night if going through a difficult time. Four drops can also be added to a dosage bottle, with other chosen
remedies if it is  beneficial to take Emergency Essence over a period of time.  Take 4 drops, 4 times a day.
Keep a bottle in the car, helpful if there is a near miss. Keep one in your handbag, but try not to give it away! You might be the next person
who needs it.
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