Living Collection

The living flower essences are very special. In their preparation the flowers are held, still living - into the bowl of spring water. This appears to bring a grounded dimension to the potency, yet the flower remedy remains connected to an ongoing stream of life force.

Where possible we have used this method of preparation in the same bowl as picked flowers and believe this has strengthened the healing potential of our English Flowers Essences.

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Borage (Borago officialis)

Lightness of heart Use Borage essence when there is great heaviness and sadness in the heart. It can dark through the dark to reveal an inner lightness, which brings support, optimism id renewed courage.


Chamomile is useful when there is inner emotional turmoil or restlessness, which can be distressing. This essence can bring balance and calm, plus enhance feelings of sun-like serenity.


Peppermint is ideal for those who crave foods, and ultimately struggle with a sluggish mind - a common problem during difficult times. This flower can bring more incite and clarity, creating greater alertness and mindfulness.