Peppermint is ideal for those who crave foods, and ultimately struggle with a sluggish mind - a common problem during difficult times. This flower can bring more incite and clarity, creating greater alertness and mindfulness.

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Mentha piperita.

Clearing the head

Peppermint is quintessential for those who cannot see the full picture so to speak, this essence helps the clarity of vision; meaning being able to distinguish the wood from the trees. The essnse also helps the regulation of metabolic imbalance in your body, which would subsiquently aid the cessation of craving unhealthy and nutrient deficient foods, so therefore would make one feel less mentally sluggish and lethargic.


Indications for using Peppermint

  • For those who feel sluggish after eating
  • For those who have a cloudy, foggy mind

Negative - Apathetic, sluggish, dull, muggy, foggy, craves food

Positive - Energy, alertness, mental clarity, concentration, lightness, cooling, balance


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