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People who need Elm are usually strong, sensitive, indispensable people who work in a caring way. Their extreme efforts to function at a high level can make them feel temporarily exhausted by their responsibilities. NEGATIVE: Inadequate, Overwhelmed, Despondent POSITIVE: Confidence, Inner reliability, Capable Part of "The 2nd Nineteen" essences. In the Despair and Despondency Group Flowers in early spring. Pick catkins on twigs. Boiling method.


People in the Olive state feel great tiredness on all levels. This can develop after a prolonged period of struggle, when even doing things they enjoy can be an effort. NEGATIVE: Exhausted, Tired, Weary, Drained POSITIVE: Rested, Energy, Vitality, Zest One of the "7 Helpers". In the Insufficient Interest Group Flowers in early summer. Pick flowering sprays, avoiding leaves. Sun potentized.