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People who need Aspen can have unexpected anxiety attacks or bad dreams. They think something dreadful might happen, but there seems to be no apparent reason for their apprehensions. NEGATIVE: Trembling, Unknown anxiety POSITIVE: Courage, Trusting the unknown One of the 19 Helpers. In the Fear Group Flowers in early spring. Pick male and female catkins on flowering twigs. Boiling method.

be present

Light, happy, confident, trusting, vital and creative life force is a part of your true nature, and although all flower remedies can take you ‘back to yourself’, this blend will bring you into the now, so you can engage more fully with life.

rock rose

Rock Rose types are extremely sensitive and their energy is easily depleted. They can suffer deep anxiety, which may be difficult to release. An ideal choice for bad nights, and for use in a crisis. NEGATIVE: Alarmed, Dread, Scared POSITIVE: Courage, Heroism, Selflessness One of the "The 12 Healers". In the Fear Group Flowers in summer. Pick individual flowers. Sun potentized.