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Agrimony people hide behind a mask of cheerfulness and find it hard to communicate their feelings. They can be deeply distressed by conflict. They may overwork or use alcohol or drugs. The Agrimony essence brings peace and calm, making it easier to express feelings.

be restful

I’ve been on the go all day and in bed my thoughts are racing and my legs are still going!! Reach for the Sun Essences Be Restful by the bed. Just a few drops in water and bliss.... at last I can sleep.

rock rose

Rock Rose types are extremely sensitive and their energy is easily depleted. They can suffer deep anxiety, which may be difficult to release. An ideal choice for bad nights, and for use in a crisis. NEGATIVE: Alarmed, Dread, Scared POSITIVE: Courage, Heroism, Selflessness One of the "The 12 Healers". In the Fear Group Flowers in summer. Pick individual flowers. Sun potentized.