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People in the Heather state are focused on their problems and seek company to talk constantly about them. They make mountains out of molehills, unable to see the bigger picture of their lives.


Impatiens types get easily frustrated and irritable if life isn’t progressing quickly enough for them. Often suffering from extreme inner tension, they usually choose to work alone, as other people make them feel impatient.

sweet chestnut

People who need Sweet Chestnut feel they have reached the “end of the road,” feeling extreme limits of despair and desolation. Ideal in cases of loss and anguish of the heart. NEGATIVE: Aloneness, Darkness, Anguish POSITIVE: Support, Renewal, Hope, Comfort One of the "The 2nd Nineteen". In the Despair and Despondency Group Flowers in summer. Pick twigs bearing male and female flowers. Boiling method.

water violet

Water Violet types may isolate themselves from life as they prefer to be alone. Self reliant and independent they may appear superior, and find it difficult to make genuine emotional contact. NEGATIVE: Aloof, Isolated, Condescending, Grief POSITIVE: Warmth, Wisdom, Connection One of the "The 12 Healers".