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Clematis types can seem idealistic, ungrounded and prefer to daydream in a world of happier times to come. They may appear bored, lacking in vitality and tend to fall asleep easily. NEGATIVE: Daydreaming, Inattentive, Impractical, Absent minded POSITIVE: Purpose, Meaning, Focused, Creative, Interested, Productive, Earthed One of the 12 Healers. In the Insufficient Interest Group. Flowers in summer. Pick individual blooms. Sun potentized.

wild oat

Wild Oat types are aimless and dissatisfied as they can’t commit to a particular life path. They have talent and ambition, but may drift from one occupation to another. This remedy can bring essential insight. NEGATIVE: Directionless, Uncertainty, Scattered POSITIVE: Purposeful, Vision, Choice, Focus One of the "7 Helpers". In the Uncertainty group Flowers in summer. Pick flowering heads. Sun potentized.

wild rose

People who need Wild Rose have become resigned to life, with no obvious reason or complaint. They make no effort to improve their situation, having lost the willpower to change. NEGATIVE: Bored, Apathetic, Resigned POSITIVE: Enthusiasm, Interest, Vitality One of the "The 2nd Nineteen". In the Insufficient Interest Group Flowers in summer. Pick flowering twigs. Boiling method.