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be comforted

This blend of flowers is designed specifically to comfort and ease the enduring pain of losing a treasured friend or family member. It gives support when moving through the wide range of emotions that are a natural part of the grieving process, such as anger, guilt, blame, sadness or despair. It enables you to come to terms with the loss in your own way, and in time brings hope of a new beginning.


People who need Willow are resentful as they believe life has been unfair. They can become negative, bitter and blame others for their situation. As a result they may withdraw from life giving up things they previously enjoyed. NEGATIVE: Victim mentality, Sulky, Bitterness POSITIVE: Responsibility, Humour, Forgiveness One of the "The 2nd Nineteen". In the Despair and Despondency Group Flowers in late spring. Pick twigs from both male and female trees. Boiling method.