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be relaxed

A key blend for hectic modern living, so is ideal for those leading demanding lifestyles or with high-pressure jobs. This blend enables you to relax, unwind and feel more refreshed on all levels. It is then easier to enjoy increased focus and productivity in daily life.


Cerato types distrust their own judgement, as they are unable to hear their inner voice. Needing constant reassurance, they feel the need to ask for advice so may appear gullible and foolish to others. NEGATIVE: Uncertainty, Foolishness, Approval and Reassurance. POSITIVE: Self-trust, Confidence, Intuition, Uninfluenced, Strong convictions. One of the 12 Healers. In the Uncertainty Group. Flowers in early autumn. Pick individual flowers. Sun potentized.


Scleranthus types cannot make up their minds. They fluctuate first one way and then the other, but struggle with this indecision alone. Lacking inner balance, their moods are changeable and they may appear fickle. NEGATIVE: Uncertainty, Confusion, Vacillation POSITIVE: Clarity, Stability, Decisive One of the "The 12 Healers". In the Uncertainty Group Flowers in summer. Pick flowering sprigs. Sun potentized.

wild oat

Wild Oat types are aimless and dissatisfied as they can’t commit to a particular life path. They have talent and ambition, but may drift from one occupation to another. This remedy can bring essential insight. NEGATIVE: Directionless, Uncertainty, Scattered POSITIVE: Purposeful, Vision, Choice, Focus One of the "7 Helpers". In the Uncertainty group Flowers in summer. Pick flowering heads. Sun potentized.