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be loving

Ideal for dealing with everyday situations that call for greater love, forgiveness and acceptance i.e. relationships, children, at the work place. Particularly helpful when strong feelings emerge and there is a need to diffuse them and gain greater insight. Its effectiveness can be boosted if taken by partners/family members at the same time.

be positive

Whatever the reason is for feeling down, hopeless, negative or discouraged, this blend of flowers will help you to lighten up and become more positive. Releases the need to focus on personal problems and helps create a new optimistic frame of mind. Life can become more enjoyable, bright and promising.


Gentian types are easily disheartened by life’s events, finding it difficult to stay positive. Often negative and lacking faith in life, they doubt their problems can be overcome. NEGATIVE: Pessimistic, Sceptical, Discouraged POSITIVE: Optimism, Perseverance, Cheerfulness One of the "Twelve Healers". In the Uncertainty Group. Flowers in early autumn. Pick individual flowers. Sun potentized.