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be balanced

For when the system needs some tender loving care. This gentle blend eases anxiety, tension and frustration, thereby restoring balance during the natural cycles of life. Also brings essential vitality during times of change and is therefore an ideal choice for women.


Scleranthus types cannot make up their minds. They fluctuate first one way and then the other, but struggle with this indecision alone. Lacking inner balance, their moods are changeable and they may appear fickle. NEGATIVE: Uncertainty, Confusion, Vacillation POSITIVE: Clarity, Stability, Decisive One of the "The 12 Healers". In the Uncertainty Group Flowers in summer. Pick flowering sprigs. Sun potentized.


People who need Willow are resentful as they believe life has been unfair. They can become negative, bitter and blame others for their situation. As a result they may withdraw from life giving up things they previously enjoyed. NEGATIVE: Victim mentality, Sulky, Bitterness POSITIVE: Responsibility, Humour, Forgiveness One of the "The 2nd Nineteen". In the Despair and Despondency Group Flowers in late spring. Pick twigs from both male and female trees. Boiling method.