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be calm

Still so much to do and so little time left! STOP rushing around like a mad thing and take a few drops of Be Calm. Settle yourself down, everything will be okay.

be confident

This blend of flowers is for those who lack confidence in their ability to achieve goals or to perform as well as others. Also suggested for individuals who may have had disappointments or setbacks in life. This essence brings determination and self-belief while staying focused on the task in hand. If needed for a specific occasion, start at least two weeks prior to the event.

be courageous

If you suffer from everyday anxieties or apprehensions, this blend of flowers helps reduce them to a manageable level, by enhancing feelings of courage and inner safety. They help you to forget the original cause of the problem, which is what often triggers the attack. For particularly difficult conditions these essences may be used to complement and support other treatments, as they stimulate inner strengths.


Mimulus types are shy, timid and reserved. They find many things in life distressing, but keep their anxieties private. They are often nervous, don't like to be alone and can easily blush or stammer. NEGATIVE: Known anxieties, Dread, Nervousness POSITIVE: Courage, Safety, Security One of the "The 12 Healers". In the Fear Group Flowers in summer. Pick individual Sun potentized.