white chestnut

People needing White Chestnut are troubled with unwanted thoughts. This incessant, repetitive inner chatter may cause a lack of concentration or sleep. NEGATIVE: worrying thoughts,mental chatter, over-active mind, exhaustion. POSITIVE: Clear, Quiet,Calm, Peace, Still One of the "The 2nd Nineteen". In the Insufficient Interest Group Flowers in early summer. Pick individual flowers. Sun potentized.

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The White Chestnut State

White Chestnut people have over-active minds and are plagued with uncontrollable thoughts going round and round in the head. Such incessant mental chatter can make the head feel full and headachy and may cause a lack of concentration or sleep. White Chestnut essence can bring forth a balanced mind with a clear, calm head, becoming more able to focus and think methodically and constructively.


My head is a peaceful place.

My mind is gently filling with quiet and calm.

Indications for using White Chestnut

For those who worry all the time

For those who cannot stop think about something.

When a snippet of a song is going round and round in the head.

For those who go over and over earlier conversations, thinking about what they might have said.


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